Pennsylvania Ornithological Record Committee

Archives (pre-2020)

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The records listed here are 98% complete. Some paperwork and some photos are missing. If you have access to any of these missing items, please contact the PORC Secretary

The list of species is in alphabetical order.
Remember, Wheatear is "Northern" Wheatear, etc.

Aechmophorus sp.4037
African Collared-Dove2076
Allen's Hummingbird900
American Avocet404
American Oystercatcher400
American Three-toed Woodpecker997
American White Pelican217
Ancient Murrelet548
Anna's Hummingbird893
Apus sp.4036
Arctic Tern524
Ash-throated Flycatcher1203
Bachman's Sparrow1808
Bahama Woodstar881
Baird's Sparrow1830
Band-rumped Storm-Petrel200
Band-tailed Pigeon566
Barnacle Goose21
Barrow's Goldeneye70
Bewick's Wren1429
Bicknell's Thrush1511
Black Brant3004
Black Guillemot541
Black Rail350
Black Skimmer530
Black Vulture266
Black-backed Oriole1946
Black-backed Woodpecker998
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck8
Black-browed Albatross151
Black-capped Petrel164
Black-chinned Hummingbird890
Black-headed Grosbeak1885
Black-headed Gull480
Black-legged Kittiwake474
Black-necked Stilt403
Black-tailed Godwit431
Black-tailed Gull487
Black-throated Gray Warbler1616
Black-throated Green Warbler1618
Blue Grosbeak1891
Boat-tailed Grackle1915
Bohemian Waxwing1584
Boreal Chickadee1385
Boreal Owl728
Brewer's Blackbird1913
Brewer's Sparrow1819
Brewster's Warbler3005
Broad-tailed Hummingbird898
Broad-winged Hawk310
Broad-winged Hawk (dark morph)3006
Brown Booby214
Brown Pelican218
Brown-headed Nuthatch1397
Buff-breasted Sandpiper459
Bullock's Oriole1939
Bulwer's Petrel173
California Gull493
Calliope Hummingbird895
Canada (Richardson's) Goose3007
Cattle Egret248
Cave Swallow1377
Chestnut-collared Longspur1852
Cinnamon Teal44
Clapper Rail352
Clark's Grebe147
Clay-colored Sparrow1818
Common 'Greater' Redpoll3048
Common Eider61
Common Ground Dove584
Common Gull489
Common Raven1354
Common Shelduck5002
Common Swift777
Corn Crake351
Cory's Shearwater177
Crested Caracara330
Curlew Sandpiper455
Dark-eyed 'Gray-headed" Junco3047
Dark-eyed 'Oregon' Junco3010
Dark-eyed 'Pink-sided' Junco3011
Dark-eyed 'White-winged'Junco3046
Double-crested Cormorant221
Dusky Flycatcher1182
Eared Grebe145
Eastern Kingbird1233
Eider sp.4004
Eurasian Collared-Dove574
Eurasian Wigeon35
European Goldfinch1997
European Robin1451
European Turtle-Dove573
Ferruginous Hawk318
Fork-tailed Flycatcher1238
Forster's Tern525
Fox Sparrow (Slate-colored)3032
Franklin's Gull485
Frigatebird sp.4006
Glaucous-winged Gull500
Glossy Ibis259
Golden-crowned Sparrow1845
Grasshopper Sparrow1829
Gray Kingbird1234
Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch1974
Gray-rumped Swift773
Great Blue 'White' Heron3027
Great Cormorant222
Great Crested Flycatcher1205
Great Gray Owl722
Great Shearwater181
Great-tailed Grackle1916
Greater White-fronted Goose14
Green-tailed Towhee1794
Green-winged 'Common' Teal3028
Gull-billed Tern516
Hammond's Flycatcher1180
Harlequin Duck62
Harris's Sparrow1843
Herald Petrel2141
Hermit Warbler1620
Herring 'Vega' Gull3030
Hoary Redpoll1986
Horned Grebe143
Hudsonian Godwit432
Iceland "Thayer's" Gull3037
Iceland Gull497
Iceland/Thayer's Gull4033
Ivory Gull476
Jaeger sp.4001
Kelp Gull503
King Eider60
King Rail353
Kirtland's Warbler1629
Lark Bunting1827
Lark Sparrow1824
Laughing Gull484
Lawrence's Warbler3001
Lazuli Bunting1892
Leach's Storm-Petrel198
Least Tern513
LeConte's Sparrow1832
Lesser Black-backed Gull498
Lesser Goldfinch1994
Lewis's Woodpecker965
Little Blue Heron245
Little Gull481
Little Stint444
Loggerhead Shrike1276
Long-billed Curlew430
Long-billed Dowitcher462
Long-billed Murrelet543
Long-tailed Jaeger535
MacGillivray's Warbler1651
Magnificent Frigatebird226
Marbled Godwit434
Masked Duck75
Mississippi Kite280
Monk Parakeet613
Mountain Bluebird1489
Myiarchus sp.4033
Nashville Warbler1602
Nelson's Sparrow1833
Neotropic Cormorant220
Northern Fulmar157
Northern Gannet216
Northern Hawk Owl707
Northern Wheatear1485
Onychoprion sp.4042
Orange-crowned Warbler1601
Pacific Loon137
Pacific-slope Flycatcher1184
Painted Bunting1897
Painted Redstart1671
Palm Warbler1632
Parasitic Jaeger534
Pine Grosbeak1977
Pink-footed Goose13
Piping Plover394
Plegadis sp.4010
Pomarine Jaeger533
Prairie Falcon344
Purple Gallinule367
Purple Sandpiper452
Red Knot439
Red Phalarope471
Red-naped Sapsucker985
Red-necked Phalarope470
Red-tailed 'Krider's' Hawk3049
Red-tailed Hawk (Western dark form)3016
Rock Wren1409
Roseate Spoonbill263
Roseate Tern522
Ross's Goose19
Ross's Gull482
Royal Tern526
Ruddy Turnstone435
Rufous Hummingbird899
Sabine's Gull477
Saltmarsh Sparrow1834
Sandhill Crane377
Sandwich Tern528
Savannah "Ipswich" Sparrow3036
Say's Phoebe1191
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher1237
Scott's Oriole1947
Seaside Sparrow1835
Sedge Wren1437
Selasphorus sp.4012
Sharp-tailed Sparrow3020
Shiny Cowbird1921
Short-billed Gull2234
Short-eared Owl725
Slaty-backed Gull499
Snail Kite277
Snowy Plover390
Sooty Tern508
Spotted Rail366
Spotted Towhee1796
Sprague's Pipit1582
Storm-Petrel sp.4032
Striped Sparrow1814
Summer Tanager1866
Swainson's Hawk313
Swainson's Warbler1644
Swallow-tailed Kite274
Thick-billed Murre538
Townsend's Solitaire1490
Townsend's Warbler1619
Tricolored Blackbird1902
Tricolored Heron246
Tropical Kingbird1228
Trumpeter Swan26
Tufted Duck55
Upland Sandpiper422
Varied Bunting1896
Varied Thrush1538
Vermilion Flycatcher1192
Violet-green Swallow1368
Warbling Vireo1300
Western Grebe146
Western Kingbird1232
Western Meadowlark1908
Western Tanager1868
White Ibis257
White Pelican sp.4014
White-crowned 'Gambel's' Sparrow3023
White-faced Ibis260
White-tailed Eagle284
White-tailed Hawk314
White-tailed Kite276
White-tailed Tropicbird207
White-winged Dove577
White-winged Tern520
Whooper Swan28
Wilson's Phalarope469
Wilson's Plover391
Wilson's Storm-Petrel192
Wood Sandpiper420
Wood Stork265
Yellow Rail345
Yellow Warbler1610
Yellow-billed Loon139
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron255
Yellow-headed Blackbird1909
Yellow-legged Gull495
Yellow-rumped 'Audubon's' Warbler3026
Zone-tailed Hawk315