Tag: Washington County

  • 195-01-2014 Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway)

    Species: Crested Caracara Caracara cheriway Number of Individuals observed: 1 Date of Sighting: 9-13-2014 County : Washington Location : Pleasannt Valley Road at Clarke Road, about halfway between the towns […]

  • 231-01-2012 Yellow Rail

    Species: Yellow Rail Coturnicops noveboracensis Date of Sighting: 10-05-2012 6:30 PM; 10-06-2012 County : Washington Location : Greencove Wetlands GPS Coordinates: 40.17849, -80.40122 Observer(s): Geoff Malosh, Dave Wilton, Shannon Thompson; […]

  • 067-01-2011 Brown Pelican

    Unquestionably one of 2011’s major birding highlights for western Pennsylvania was the chance discovery by Rodgers of this bird as she drove past this small municipal reservoir in the late […]