Category: Bird Surveys

  • Monitor Chimney Swifts in Southwestern Pennsylvania

    Monitor Chimney Swifts in Southwestern Pennsylvania Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is seeking help monitoring usage of its 150 Chimney Swift towers throughout the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. Swifts are a neo-tropical migratory bird […]

  • Report Goshawk Sightings

    Report Goshawk Sightings The Ornithological Technical Committee of PA Biological Survey is seeking birders’ assistance in reporting sightings of Northern Goshawks across the state, particularly between early April to July.  […]

  • Annual Heron Survey

    Annual Heron Survey The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) is responsible for protecting heron populations and tracking their distribution in the state.  The PGC is conducting a comprehensive survey of heron […]

  • Fall Sandhill Crane Survey

    Fall Sandhill Crane Survey The US Fish & Wildlife Services Division of Migratory Birds has once again asked Pennsylvania to participate in the Fall Sandhill Crane Survey.  This year the […]