Tag: Washington Boro

  • 340-01-2012 Black-headed Gull

    The committee approved this record based on the excellent photos of the bird taken by Meredith Lombard. Black-headed Gull     Larus ridibundus Date of Sighting:  5 February 2012 to 10 March 2012 County : LANCASTER    Location : WASHINGTON BORO Observer(s): Eric Witmer, multiple observers Date of Submission: 2012 Submitted by: Meredith Lombard Written Description: …

  • Least Tern – Washington Boro, Lancaster

    Least Tern is no longer on the review list so this sighting did not go through the committee and is posted here because it is a species of interest. Least Tern — Washington Boro, Lancaster County; May 31, 2002. Photo by Tom Amico.

  • 334-01-2000 Long-tailed Jaeger

  • 831-01-1999 Seaside Sparrow

    Seaside Sparrow — Washington Boro, Lancaster County; April 20, 1999. Photo by Eric Witmer. This bird represents one of only a handful of records for Pennsylvania.