Tag: Old Crow Wetlands

  • 321-01-2017 Ruff Huntingdon

    Species: Ruff (Calidris pugnax) Number of Individuals observed:  1 Date of Sighting:  5/18/2017 County :   Huntingdon Location :  Old Crow Wetland GPS Coordinates:  40.488019, -78.036082 Observer(s):  Greg Grove, Deb Grove, Dave Kyler, Trudy Kyler, Dave Kerr, Rob Dickerson, Carl Engstrom, Jon Kauffman, Steve Schmidt, Eric Hartshaw Date of Submission:  1/30/2018 Submitted by:  Greg Grove Written…

  • 096-01-2012 White-faced Ibis

    Species: White-faced Ibis       Plegadis chihi Date of Sighting:  3 May 2012 to 3 May 2012 County : HUNTINGDON   Location : OLD CROW WETLANDS Observer(s): David Kyler, Trudy Kyler Date of Submission: 2012 Submitted by: David Kyler, Trudy Kyler Written Description:  Yes    Photo: Yes        Specimen: No      …