Tag: Great Blue Heron (White Form)

  • 080-01-2021 Great Blue Heron (White Form) Philadelphia

    Species: Great Blue Heron (White Form) (Ardea herodias) Number of individuals observed: 1 Date of sighting: 7/8/2021-7/26/2021 County: Philadelphia Location: Mayanunk Canal GPS coordinates: 40.0363551,-75.2402759 Observer(s): Rebecca Froggatt Date of submission: 7/26/2021 Submitted by: Rebecca Froggatt Supporting evidence: Written description: yes Photograph: yes Video: no Audio recording: no Specimen: no eBird checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S91432949; https://ebird.org/checklist/S92094882; https://ebird.org/checklist/S92280655;…

  • 080-01-2017 Great Blue Heron (White Form) Susquehanna

    Species: Great Blue Heron (White Form) (Ardea herodias) Number of Individuals observed:  1 Date of Sighting:  7/23/2017 County :   Susquehanna Location :  East Great Bend Swamp GPS Coordinates:  41.581381, -75.435984 Observer(s):  Barbara Stone, Nancy VanCott, Joyce Stone, Jerry Skinner, Evan Mann, Dave Andre, Charles Denkenberger, Deborah Busby, Douglas Sheldon, Kevin Raymond Date of Submission:   12/8/2017…