Purple Martin Conservation Foundation

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Founded in 1987, the Purple Martin Conservation Foundation has been a leader in research, education, and conservation of Purple Martins. Research projects include a Scout Arrival study that generates data on returning birds, providing information on the best time to open houses, reducing the take-over by European Starlings and House Sparrows.

Banding and more recently geolocator research shed light on migration patterns and both wintering and stopover sites. Education projects include mentoring new landlords and providing reference materials to teachers, students, scout groups, environmental educators, and others to promote interest in this species.

A list of nationwide Purple Martin events is provided with encourage-ment to attend for all who are interested. The information provided to educate as many people as possible, running research projects, and encouraging those interested to attend martin events all contribute to conservation of Purple Martins in Pennsylvania and beyond. President Joe Siegrist accepted the award for the Purple Martin Conservation Association.