Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 2010

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Compiled by Peter Robinson

Two new state species, if accepted by the PORC, provided opportunities for adding to state and county life lists. First was the White-faced Ibis seen March 21 in Cumberland by the few people who were close enough to arrive during the few hours that it stayed.

Then, thanks to the Rufous Hummingbird banding effort, the Anna’s Hummingbird was banded November 21 in Berks and stayed through the winter for many birders to see.

There are now 73 birders whose Pennsylvania Life Lists are 300 or more, an increase of three. Chuck Berthoud added ten species for a new total of 308, Dick Cleary’s first life list submittal was for 300, and Carl Garner added two from 2009 for a total of 300.

Twenty-one now have PA Life Lists of 350 species or more, the same as last year. Five are at 375 or more, an increase of two. The number of birders at the 300 mark or more in the PA Life List-Unassisted category rose by two to ten, with Skip Connant going from 275 in 2001 to 312, and Jonathan Heller’s 2009 total increasing by one to 300.

Michael Schall’s 279 was the top state annual list, Shannon Thompson was second at 275, and Devich Farbotnik was third with 274.

Eric Witmer added one species and now has the top County Life List with 328 for Lancaster.

There are 16 County Life Lists of 300 or greater, one more than last year, with Ken Lebo adding one to his 2009 list for a new total of 300. Ten of the top 16 County Life Lists are for Lancaster.

There are several new leaders for County Life Lists. For Carbon, Barry Reed went from 248 in 2008 to 267. Nick Pulcinella added three to his 2009 Chester list for a total of 270. Fritz Brock now has 272 species for Lehigh, three more than his 2006 total of 269. Greg Grove is now at 205 for Mifflin, four more than in 2008. Russ States had not sent a Venango Life List before, but this year reported 251 as of 2000, a new top for that county.