Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 2009

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Compiled by Peter Robinson

As usual, there were a number of opportunities for adding to state and county life lists, and f or filling in the blanks for yearly lists.

There are now 69 birders whose Pennsylvania Life Lists are 300 or more, an increase of two.

Twenty one now have PA Life Lists of 350 species or more, also an increase of two, and three are at 375 or more. The number of birders above the 300 mark in the PA Life List-Unassisted category remains at eight for the fourth year.

There are fifteen County Life Lists of 300 or greater, including two more for Lancaster: one for Berks, two for Bucks, two for Erie, and ten for Lancaster.

Marjorie Howard added three species to her Greene County life list for a new county high of 195. Ross Gallardy’s 231 species is a new high count for Washington County. With no updates since 1985, John Miller still has the top Delaware County life list, and his 290 for Philadelphia County is still tops, by 39 species.

Devich Farbotnik now has all of the ten highest annual lists for Bucks County. Dave Hawk’s 222 species in 2009 for Carbon County exceeded his own previous high for the county. A new high Chester County annual list was accomplished by Kevin Fryberger. Both Chuck Chalfant (with 270) and Deuane Hoffman (with 277) established new high annual lists for Lancaster County.