Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 2008

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Peter Robinson

As usual, there were ample opportunities for adding to state and county life lists, and for filling in the blanks on yearly lists. The number of birders whose Pennsylvania Life Lists are 300 or more increased by two this year to a total of 67, and 19 now have PA Life Lists of 350 species or more.

The number of birders above the 300 mark in the PA Life List-Unassisted category remains at eight for the third year.

There are 13 County Life Lists of 300 or more, no increase from last year—one for Berks, two for Bucks, two for Erie, and eight for Lancaster.

There was one lead change among the County Life Lists. Geoff Malosh’s 220 is a new high for Washington County.

There were three new high County Annual Lists. Carol Hildebrand’s 159 was two more than her 2005 annual list.

Andy Markel recorded a Cumberland County yearly total of 244, not including another nine species of waterfowl, gulls, and terns that he saw from Cumberland County’s West Fairview boat launch that were on the Susquehanna River, Dauphin County. The previous Cumberland County yearly high was 227.

Steve Kacir found 194 species in Montgomery County, an increase of 27 species over the previous high.