Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 2001

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Compiled by Peter Robinson

During 2001 some unusual species of birds were found in the state, and some of them stayed long enough to provide opportunities to add to other birder’s Pennsylvnia and County Life Lists. A female Barrow’s Goldeneye was found on the Delaware River at New Hope (Bucks) on 1/20 and stayed until 3/11. A Gyrfalcon was at Presque Isle State Park (Erie) from 1/27 to 4/8.

The Black-backed Woodpecker at the Pocono Evironmental Center (Pike) was first reported on 4/8 and stayed until at least 5/25, during which time it was seen by several hundred birders. An American White Pelican was at Bald Eagle State Park 4/16 to 4/18. Two Western Meadowlarks were found in Westmoreland — the first was found 4/28 near Trauger and stayed until at least early July. Another one was found near Crabtree on 5/12.

A Swainson’s Warbler found 5/8 at Bushy Run Battlefield (Westmoreland) was seen until 5/18. Another Swainson’s Warbler was at Blue Marsh (Berks) 5/19-20. Two Arctic Terns 5/22-23 on the Susquehanna River between Columbia and Washington Boro (Lancaster) were seen by a few fortunate birders. A White-winged Dove in New Castle (Lawrence) was first reported 6/11 and stayed a few days longer. A second White-winged Dove was at Aaronsburg (Centre) 6/11 to 6/14. A Marbled Godwit was at the Conejohela Flats (Lancaster) from 8/5 to 8/12. A White Ibis was at Yellow Creek State Park (Indiana) from 8/19 to 8/27.

A Wood Stork at Mosiertown (Crawford) stayed from 8/12 to 8/31, and a Wood Stork in Littlestown (Adams) was reported 8/19 and stayed until at least 9/3. A probable Pacific-slope Flycatcher was seen at Fishing Creek (Lancaster) along the Susquehanna River from 12/16 to 12/26.

There are 53 birders whose Pennsylvania life lists are 300 or more, the same as last year, and 108 birders are above the 250 mark. Barb Haas still has the top Pennsylvania life list at 363. Even those well above 300 usually get to see a few new species each year, especially if they are willing to do some “chasing”, when species not found in the past 10 or 20 years are reported again. Imagine the other possibilities – the species that come to the state but are not seen, or not reported!

Deuane Hoffman’s reported 296 species was the highest 2001 Pennsylvania Annual List, 29 more than Peter Robinson’s distant second place 267. Other people who found 250 species or more in Pennsylvania during 2001 were John Fedak (260), Joyce Hoffmann (259), Devich Farbotnik (258), and Mike Fialkovich (250). Jerry McWilliams’ 246 species for 2001 is perhaps even more impressive, because 239 of them were in the same county (Erie). Last year it took 255 species to be included in the top 50 Pennsylvania Annual Lists, and this year 258 is the 50th.

There are now 8 birders with County Life Lists over 300 species. One of these lists is for Erie County and the other 7 are for Lancaster County, with Randy Miller’s 315 for Lancaster the highest of all. It now takes 260 species to be included in the top 50 County Life Lists.

County Annual Lists in the top 50 were submitted by Devich Farbotnik (253 for Bucks), Deuane Hoffman (242 for Lancaster), and Jerry McWilliams (239 for Erie). It now takes 229 species to make the top 50 County Annual Lists.