Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 2000

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Compiled by Peter Robinson

A total of 67 reports were submitted for 2000, including 36 Pennsylvania state annual lists.

Providing opportunities to add to PA Life Lists were a number of uncommon species that were found in the state during 2000 that stayed long enough to be seen by birders other than the person who first found the bird. These included a Spotted Towhee (Export, Westmoreland Co.) that was found in December of 1999 and stayed until mid- March, a Bullock’s Oriole (Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co.) mid-January, Barrow’s Goldeneye on the Delaware River late February, Chuck-Will’s-Widow (Bristol, Bucks Co.) mid-May, Black Skimmer (Conejohela Flats, Lancaster Co.) mid June, Piping Plover (Conejohela Flats, Lancaster Co) late August, Western Kingbird (Farmersville, Lancaster Co.) late September, Wood Stork (Presque Isle, Erie Co.) mid-October, LeConte’s Sparrow (SGL 39, Venango Co.) mid- October, several Snowy Owls during November and December, Hammond’s Flycatcher (Bethlehem, Northampton Co.) mid-November, and Ash-throated Flycatcher (Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co.) late December.

There are now 53 birders whose Pennsylvania life lists are above 300, up one from the 52 people over 300 last year.

A new category was added this year: “PA Life List – Unassisted”. This list is those species of birds that a person finds and identifies in Pennsylvania ON THEIR OWN. The list would NOT include “chase birds”, the birds that someone else finds first, you find out about, then you go to see (a “chase trip”). Your “unassisted” list WOULD include a bird spotted first by someone with whom you are birding at the time. It also WOULD include a bird that you found and did not yet know that someone else had already found.

Deuane Hoffman’s 303 species for the year 2000 was 37 more than Devich Farbotnik’s second place 266. There were 4 people who found 250 species or more in Pennsylvania during 2000, fewer than the 7 people in 1999. There were another 5 people between 225 and 250 species for the year 2000, and 9 who were during 1999. It will take 255 species to be included in the top 50 PA Annual Lists.

There are now 7 birders with County Life Lists over 300 species. One of these lists is for Erie County and the other six are for Lancaster County. There were new county life list highs established for 26 counties, but there are still 13 counties with top life lists under 200. It will take 256 species to be included in the top 50 County Life Lists.

For the year 2000, County Annual Lists in the all time top 50 were submitted by Deuane Hoffman (268 for Lancaster), Devich Farbotnik (247 for Bucks), and Jerry McWilliams (237 for Erie). It will now take 236 to make the top 50 County Annual Lists.