Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 1997

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by Terry Schiefer

Sixty-seven  reports  were submitted to  Pennsylvania Birdlists for 1997, eight less than last year. There are now 46 birders whose Pennsylvania lifelists are above 300. Joining this group for the first time are Skip Conant, John Fedak, Robyn Henise, and Richard Timm.

The 300 county lifelist barrier was broken once again, this time by Robert Schutsky in Lancaster County. Only four other birders have reached this goal.

Twelve top county lifelists are now held by Deuane Hoffman, followed by John Fedak and William Reid each with four, and by Gene Wilhelm with three top lists. There are still 17 counties with top lists under 200.

Three 1997 Pa. annual lists submitted by Deuane Hoffman, John Fedak, and Joyce Hoffmann are in the all time top 50. Deuane’s list of 298 species is the third best annual list ever reported and is only seven species short of the record. John’s list of 290 species is not far behind, ranking sixth overall.

Both Deuane Hoffman and John Fedak submitted county annual lists for 1997 from every county in the state. Deuane had 7471 county year birds (111.5 species per county) and John had 7418 county year birds (110.7 species per county).

County annual lists in the all time top fifty were submitted by Gerald McWilliams (Erie), Ken Lebo (Berks), and Deuane Hoffman ( Dauphin, Lancaster, and Cumberland).

Top county annual lists are now held by Deuane Hoffman in fourteen counties plus one tie, followed by John Fedak with nine and one tie, and by Gene Wilhelm with three. There are still 40 counties  with  top  annual  lists under 200, and seven of these are under 100.