Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 1995

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Compiled by Terry Schiefer

Seventy-nine reports were submitted to Pennsylvania Birdlists for 1995. There are now 39 birders whose PA lifelists are above 300. Joining this group for the first time are Jason Horn, Arlene Koch, and Devich Farbotnik. Devich’s 300th PA bird was seen at the ripe old age of 15. This sounds like some sort of record to me. Has anyone reached the 300 mark at a younger age?

The 300 county barrier was broken once again, this time by Randy Miller in Lancaster County. Only three other birders have reached this goal.

Six top county lists are still held by Steve Santner, followed by Margaret Higbee and William Reid each with four and by Deuane Hoffman with three top lists and one tie. There are still 19 counties with top lists under 200.

Three 1995 PA annual lists submitted by Deuane Hoffman, Ken Lebo and Jason Horn were in the all time top 50. A previously unreported 1993 list by Jason Horn was the 10th best annual list ever reported.

The 252 species seen during 1995 in Berks county by Ken Lebo is an impressive total which ties the fourth highest single county annual list ever. It just goes to prove you don’t have to be in Erie or Lancaster counties to see lots of birds. There are still 18 counties with no annual list reported. Why not see how many birds you can see in your home county during 1996?