Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 1993

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Compiled by Terry Schiefer

Welcome to the latest edition of Pennsylvania Birdlists. The big news this year is in the county lifelist category. Steve Santner has accomplished a unique achievement by seeing over 100 species in every Pa. county! It will probably be many years before another birder reaches this goal as there is no one even remotely close on Steve’s heels. Steve, unfortunately for us, has recently moved to Detroit, but as he points out, there are 83 counties in Michigan! Congratulations Steve, and thanks for your long standing input to Pennsylvania Birdlists.

Steve Santner still holds the top lifelist in nine counties followed by Margaret Higbee with five and William Reid with four. There are still 23 counties with top lists under 200. In the county annual list category Jerry McWilliams’ Erie county list was among the ten best ever. Jerry holds six of the top ten spots in this category! Previously unreported was Bob Schutsky’s 1992 Lancaster County list, the third largest annual list reported for any county.

Several birders saw their 300th Pennsylvania species during 1993: Fritz Brock, Harold Morrin, Joyce Hoffmann, Jonathan Heller, and Margaret Higbee.

Ed Fingerhood pointed out some errors that slipped into last years list report. In the list of the top 50 county lifelists a number of Lancaster county lists are mistakenly reported as Philadelphia. You can figure out which these are by comparing against the individual lists for each county. Also the county annual list category was omitted last year, so I’ve included all 1992 lists in this years report. I encourage each of you to point out any errors you may find so that Pennsylvania Birdlists can be as accurate as possible. Totals marked with an asterisk (*) are previously submitted totals as an updated total was not received this year. Names marked with (‡) symbol honor deceased birders.