Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 1992

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Compiled by Terrry Schiefer

If 1991 was the year of the Big Year, then 1992 was the year of the Biggest Year! I felt certain that Deuane Hoffman’s record of 293 in 1991 would stand for a long time. But it took only one year for a new name to top the charts.

Bob Schutsky’s total of 306 is amazing! Deuane rallied back with an equally amazing 305, but I bet he would have loved seeing two more birds. Not to be overlooked are big years by Randy Miller and Jonathan Heller, both among the ten biggest big years ever done in Pennsylvania. Are there any takers for a 1993 big year?

Jerry McWilliams has finally set his eyes on his 300th Erie County bird, a Barrow’s Goldeneye. This is the first time anyone has ever seen 300 species in a single Pennsylvania county! Jerry also established the second largest county annual list ever. Also among the top ten county annual lists was a new Lancaster County record set by Jonathan Heller.

There are now 26 birders who have seen that elusive 300th Pennsylvania bird. Joining the ranks this year are Dave DeReamus, Al Guarente, Randy Miller, William Murphy and Bob Schutsky. Back in 1985 only six birders could claim that distinction.

In the county lifelist category, Steve Santner still holds on to top lists in ten counties, followed by Deuane Hoffman, William Reid, and Gene Wilhelm who each have four top lists to their credit. There are still 25 counties with top lists under 100.

Have fun birding in 1993!