Pennsylvania Birdlists Summary 1991

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Compiled by Terry Schiefer

1991 was the year of the Big Year-the biggest ever in Pennsylvania. Deuane Hoffman’s total of 293 species is really spectacular considering that most of us have not seen that many species of birds in Pennsylvania in our lifetime! Not to be overlooked are outstanding annual lists submitted by Joyce Hoffman and Randy Miller, both among the top ten largest annual lists for Pennsylvania.

In Erie county, Jerry McWilliams is still searching for his 300th species in Erie County. He did, however, see a lot of other species last year for the second largest county annual list ever. Three birders, Deuane Hoffman, Jerry Book, and Rick Wiltraut, have joined the ranks of those who have found their elusive 300th Pennsylvania bird.

Steve Santner still reigns supreme in the county lifelist category with top lists in twelve counties to his credit. He’s followed by Deuane Hoffman and William Reid each with five top lists and Margaret Higbee with four.

Congratulations to all of you!

Each Christmas I travel home to Pennsylvania hoping to add a new species to my state list. This year a Mew (Common) Gull turned up and most of you were there to look for it. It was great seeing birding friends I hadn’t seen in years, and it was a real pleasure meeting many of you for the first time. Now if only I had met that Mew Gull as well…