Paul Hess

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The PSO recognizes, on a annual basis, ornithologists and/or amateur birders who have made outstanding contributions to Pennsylvania ornithology. The Earl Poole Award was established in 1995 and first presented at the Society’s Annual Meeting at Penn State Hazleton.

This year’s winner of the Earl Poole Award is Paul Hess of Natrona Heights, PA. Paul has made many contributions to our understanding of Pennsylvania’s birds during the past several decades. He has published an astonishing 17 feature articles in Pennsylvania Birds through 2001, more than any other author. The topics of his articles range from American Tree Sparrow and Red-bellied Woodpecker annual population fluctuations to status of neotropical migrants in Pennsylvania to crossbill and shrike invasions to unusual Pennsylvania records (such as the Hawk Mountain petrel).

Other accomplishments include County Compiler (primarily Butler) for Pennsylvania Birds since its beginning; chair of the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee (PORC) 2000 to present; editor of bird occurrence summaries for Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania (ASWP) Bulletin; News & Notes column for Birding (current); editor of The Peregrine, newsletter of the Three Rivers Birding Club; editor of ASWP Bulletin in 1970s-1980s; seasonal report contributor for American Birds; and Bird Quiz contributor for PSO Newsletter. In addition Paul was a mentor to many young birders in western Pennsylvania in the 1970s and 1980s. He also coproduced a checklist of the birds of Butler County. Paul has clearly enriched Pennsylvania ornithology. In addition to the award plaque, the PSO presented him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble in appreciation of his contributions. His bibliography in the Society’s journal is printed below.

Paul Hess’s Bibliography (click to see a more comprehensive list)

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