Gary Edwards

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Gary’s passion for birds spans over 28 years for those of us who know him through his leadership with Seneca Rocks Audubon. Gary is generous with his time and knowledge about birds.

Gary and his wife,Mary, live in Seneca – just south of Oil City. Throughout the community Gary is know as the “go to” guy for all things about birds. His efforts extend to beginning birders, feeder watchers, Audubon members, students, teachers and professionals in the fields of ornithology, ecology and conservation.

Many of the following achievements are Gary’s self-initiated projects. He has indeed, grown the population of people in our area who are now aware of the joy, beauty and importance of birds.


  1. conducted research with Clarion University students/faculty on SGL 330
  2. prepared a peer-reviewed journal publication on grassland habitat and birds with the students of Dr. Kurt Regester of Clarion University that will be submitted 2011


  1. presentation on grassland birds to Clarion University ornithology class (2009)
  2. presentation to elementary students on common birds by sight + sound (2010)
  3. presentation to Todd Bird Club on grassland birds at SGL 330 (2010)
  4. lead program and owl prowl for community organizations at Oil Creek Park for past several years
  5. planner for Oil Region Birding Festival ( 3 years )


  1. article to be published 2011 on field work/results from SGL 330 surveys with Clarion University
  2. Venango County Birds website – (at least for 10 years) webmaster for site that provides birding information for those interested in watching, feeding or just discussing birds in Venango County, PA and surrounding area


  1. bird lists for Oil Creek Park and Two Mile Run County Park (2011)
  2. Raptor Survey for 11 years, 6 years on two different routes
  3. CBC Clarion circle for 25 years and Pleasantville circle for 25 years
  4. BBA Regional Coordinator for 1st and 2nd PA BBAs
  5. Nighthawk Watch in Oil City survey for past 5 years
  6. Grassland survey and mapping of Piney Tract with Dan Brauning ( 2000)
  7. Compiler of Venango County bird records since 1st BBA
  8. Bald Eagle survey for Doug Gross
  9. Bird surveys on the bike trail between Franklin and Oil City and Fisherman’s Cove
  10. Chimney swift survey – Venango County


  1. founding member (1983) and first president
  2. past president, vice president, field trip leader annually, program chair
  3. programs on warblers, 2010 and numerous other programs from his own travels
  4. acts as a liaison with Bartramian Audubon since he lives and birds in both Audubon chapter territories
  5. participated in SRAS Birdathons


  1. primary organizer for Grassland Bird Conference (2007) bringing to the conference experts from The Wilds in Ohio where he visited and made important contacts
  2. conduct beginning bird courses for several years; currently scheduled for 2011 at Oil City Library


  1. 1990 to present, explored possibilities of establishing the grassland of Piney Tract that eventually became SGL 330 in 2006
  2. continues to meet with habitat managers and other interested parties to include habitat needs for grassland birds 2011