Franklin and Barbara Haas

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Franklin and Barbara Haas have always had a special interest in birding in Pennsylvania. When they pursued a “Big Year” in 1986, they created a network of birders across the state to alert them to any rarities that might show up. They kept their contacts up-to-date with a monthly newsletter detailing their progress. The interest showed in this newsletter led to the founding of Pennsylvania Birds, the journal of Pennsylvania ornithology. They founded, edited and published Pennsylvania Birds from 1987 to 2001.

In addition to their huge task of Pennsylvania Birds, they also were both involved with the birth of the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas, both served terms on the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee, both served terms on the PSO board, Frank served terms as Vice-president and President of the PSO, and both have held various offices and editorial duties in various other ornithological organizations.

Their undying dedication to birding in Pennsylvania is unmatched and their contributions to Pennsylvania’s ornithological record will be their lasting legacy.