Forest County Birding Spotlight Summary

March 15 – 18, 2024

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On March 15, join us as we lead a 4-day concentrated effort to bird Forest County! This is another one of the state’s most under-birded counties but there is so much to explore. We are hitting this Northwest PA county in the hopes of getting some winter finches as well as documenting resident birds. We have field trips lined up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As a group, we want to document as many birds as possible during this extended weekend. Birders are invited to tag along with others or explore the county’s game lands, water areas, fields and wild areas on their own terms.

Notable hotspots for the county can be found at

We have created a Groupme text/chat group for that area to get out the word for rarities and group information, to join that text, here is that link

For anyone who is going to be birding during the 4-day birding spotlight, we ask you share your ebird checklists with PSO Birding Data then we can keep track easier. We have also created an eBird Trip Report link where pictures, checklists, etc. will be available for everyone to enjoy. Here is the link for the eBird trip report

We will be sharing pics and updates on the Forest County Birding Spotlight event page on Facebook, here is that link

Birders of all skill levels are invited to join-in and contribute! If you just want to learn more about birds or you can help others and our challenge, we want you to be involved!