Daniel Brauning

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The PSO annual meeting has been the forum for announcing the winner of its Earl Poole Award for outstanding accomplishments to Pennsylvania ornithology since its inception in 1995. This year’s winner, announced at the banquet on May 16 and appropriately timed to coincide with the initiation of the 2nd Breeding Bird Atlas Project, is Dan Brauning, Project Coordinator for the Is’ Breeding Bird Atlas 20 years ago. Dan, who holds an MS degree in ecology from Penn State University, is presently Supervisor of the Wildlife Diversity Section of the Bureau of Wildlife Management, Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is a member of the Wilson Ornithological Society, our own PSO, the Ornithological Technical Committee (OTC) of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey, Partners In Flight Northeast Working Group, and The Nature Conservancy.

Dan has published two dozen articles in Pennsylvania Game News, Pennsylvania Birds, and The Auk since 1987. Most of these papers deal with the status of Pennsylvania’s threatened/endangered/at risk species, some with population trends for Pennsylvania’s nesting birds, and others with research techniques for monitoring grassland birds. In addition, he has edited or coauthored three books in his young career: Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania, The Birds of Pennsylvania (with Gerry McWilliams), and the Chestnut-sided Warbler species account (with M. Richardson) of the Birds of North America series.

Dan played a major role in the restoration of Pennsylvania’s super-raptors: Bald Eagle, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcon, and was the principal author of the recovery/ management plans for those species. He has designed and implemented numerous monitoring programs for Pennsylvania’s protected and at-risk birds, including grassland birds, wetland birds, and birds of prey. He has worked with many partners to encourage bird conservation, including the Partners In Flight program.

He has served on the PSO board of directors and the OTC advisory board for many years. He recently chaired the important publisher/editor transition team for Pennsylvania Birds (transitioning from Frank and Barb Haas to Katrina Knight and then to Nick Pulcinella). He took on the seasonal editorship (summer) for Pennsylvania Birds in 2001 and continues that important task to date. He takes personal time to meet and socialize with birders around the state to promote bird interest and conservation. His bibliography follows.

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