Species: Harris’s Sparrow (Zonotrichia querula)

Number of individuals observed: 1

Date of sighting: 1/22/2021 – 1/24/2021

County: Lancaster

Location: private residence, Salisbury Township

GPS coordinates:

Observer(s): Cynthia Beyer, many others on eBird

Date of submission: 1/24/2021 21:51

Submitted by: Cynthia Beyer

Supporting evidence:

Written description: yesPhotograph: yes (eBird)Video: noAudio recording: noSpecimen: no

eBird stakeout hotspot: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L13388442

All media on Macaulay: https://ebird.org/media/catalog?taxonCode=harspa&yr=YCUSTOM&mr=MCUSTOM&mediaType=p&sort=obs_date_desc&emo=2&hotspotCode=L13388442&by=2021&q=Harris%27s%20Sparrow