Species: Bohemian Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus
Date of Sighting:  28 February 1969
County : Bucks County
Location : Revere, PA
Observer(s): Steve Farbotnik
Date of Submission: July 22, 2012
Handwritten report submitted by: Devich Farbotnik
Written report reformatted by Jan Getgood , No Photo
Bohemian Waxwing report
Revere, PA  2-28-1969

So Long Ago!  I was birding along an edge of an abandoned field that was reverting to woods again.  The new tree growth consisted of Pin oak, red maple, white ash and lots of red cedar between 15 and 20 feet tall.  Next to this field was a stand of mature forest.  On one of the taller trees I spied a flock of waxwings.  (33 in all)  As I counted, I noticed that one of them was a little bigger than the others.  I immediately suspected that it was a bohemian.  This would be a “lifer” for me, so I had to try and get closer and get a better look at cheap air jordan 8.  I didn’t have to move, they all dropped out their tree, swept closely over my head (as if I weren’t even there) and landed in the nearest cedars.  As they began feeding, some of them resorted to hovering to reach the berries.  And most fortunately, the best performer doing this was the bohemian.  I got the greatest view of his more colorful wings as he hovered with his back toward me only 30 feet away.

I won’t elaborate on the description any further as you wouldn’t accept this claim anyway, but the reason I’m bothering at all is that I was asked to do it because Kevin Crilley in his book included this sighting and added that it was under review by PORC.  (I had never reported it before.)

Steve Farbotnik