As some background, Drew Weber submitted this because Nick Kerlin is going through Dr. Merrill Wood’s old field notebooks and entering the observations to eBird. Only review species that are accepted by the records committee are supposed to be validated in eBird so I wanted a vote on this record as a basis for how to classify it new balance 751 outlet. The record was ultimately not accepted. Most members felt that it was likely a correct identification, but there was not enough confidence to accept it.

Species:   Purple Gallinule          Porphyula martinica
Date of Sighting:   4-27-1977
County :   CENTER
Location :   Belle Springs Golf Course, Clinton
GPS coordinates of sighting:  41.063773,-77.456363
Date of Submission:   8-30-2012
Submitted by:  Drew Weber
Written Description:  YES  –  from Dr. Merrill Wood’s field notebook
Photo:   NO                               Specimen: NO                           Recording:  NO