First Round
Species: Swainson’s Hawk         Buteo swainsoni
Date of Sighting:   9-11-2012
County :   Montgomery        Location :   Militia Hill Hawk Watch
GPS coordinates of sighting:  N 40.1205, W 75.2226
Observer(s): Chris Dooley,  Rich Conroy
Date of Submission: 9-12-2012
Submitted by:   Andy Fayer, Site Coordinator, Militia Hill Hawk Watch
Written Description:  YES           Photo: NO         Specimen: NO      Recording: NO



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186-01-2012 Swainson’s Hawk Buteo swainsoni
First Round Votes

11/26/2012 20:37 Cameron Rutt Class IV-B – insufficient evidence for evaluation. There are too few details in this report. The fact that a larger, longer- and pointier-winged raptor was flying with a small kettle of BWHAs is all very compelling for SWHA, but there needs to be more notes about the bird’s plumage. I’m intrigued by both observers mentioning that the bird in question appeared lighter than the surrounding BWHAs. The two-toned underwings (although less distinct on a juvenile SWHA compared to an adult) should make the SWHA appear to have darker remiges than a BWHA from below. The fact that this region isn’t discussed, nor is the patterning on the breast, is cause for concern.

12/10/2012 18:20 Drew Weber Class III – Sight record documented by one observer. I think that this is suitable documentation, with a sketch and good description of size and shape of the bird compared to the nearby Broad-winged Hawks.

12/11/2012 0:31 Ben Coulter Class III – Sight record documented by one observer. Description sounds convincing enough.

12/16/2012 8:59 Mike Fialkovich Class II – Sight record documented independently by 2 or more people.

12/17/2012 2:30 Dave DeReamus Class III – Sight record documented by one observer. To me, sketches with notes are a lot more helpful than just the written word description. The combination of these two and the observer’s experience with this species leads me to agreement with this identification.

12/26/2012 23:10 Devich Farbotnik Class III – Sight record documented by one observer.

1/1/2013 13:38 Mike Lanzone Class III – Sight record documented by one observer.[/member]