Species: White Ibis              Eudocimus albus
Date of Sighting:  8 August 2011 to 8 August 2011
Observer(s): Larry Lehman, Bill Oyler
Date of Submission: 2011
Submitted by: Bill Oyler
Written Description:  Yes            Photo: No            Specimen: No             Recording: No



Below are the comments submitted during the first round of voting. We have opened the comments so you can discuss your thoughts with the other committee members before your second round of voting.

1st Round Votes  (5 III/2 IV-A)

  • Al Guarante – Class III – Comments:   I going to give him the benefit of doubt and accept this record. The description could be a lot more detailed but with all the White Ibises showing up this year, I would have to say he identified the bird correctly.
  • Ben Coulter – Class III – Comments:  A little more detail would have been nice, but it fits a White Ibis.
  • Dave DeReamus – Class III – Comments:  I believe there is just enough evidence to agree with this identification.
  • Tom Johnson – Classs III
  • Drew Weber – Class  III – Comments:  The observers notes were sparse but it was seen by multiple people and is pretty unmistakable.  It also fits normal pattern of occurrence in the state
  • Ramsay Koury – Vote:  IV-A – Discussion:  While I know this observer and I feel certain he saw a White Ibis, the description was too brief and incomplete.
  • Geoff Malosh – Class IV-A – Comments:  The record is probably correct. I seriously doubt that this observer mistook some other species for a White Ibis, but unfortunately the description is too incomplete. There is no indication of the bird’s size or of the size of the bill. This is a perfect example of a case where perhaps the observer does not understand the type of documentation the committee is looking for. The description is written from the standpoint that the identification was correct (which undoubtedly it was) and therefore need not be completely described.

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