Great Shearwater — Berks County; Sep 10, 1999. Photo by Scott Weidensaul. This bird was found grounded in Richmond Township, Berks County on September 9, 1999, after the passing of Hurricane Dennis. It was found in the parking lot of East Penn Manufacturing in Lyons, PA, by Sandra Montagner and taken later that day to Kutztown Animal Hospital, where Lee Simpson called Scott Weidensaul cheap air max 90 essential. Scott went to the clinic the following day, confirmed the identification, and Scott and Lee transported it to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Delaware, which was the only rehab facility that had seabird experience. At the time, the shearwater was emaciated and unresponsive. Despite the care it was given, it died September 14th. The skin was prepped as a museum specimen at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and placed in the collection of the Reading Public Museum. This bird represents the first photo-documented record for Pennsylvania.