Pennsylvania Bird List

Published Lists

The Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee is tasked with keeping the Official List of the Birds of Pennsylvania and associated abundance codes revised every five years for publication in Pennsylvania Birds. The next revision will be completed in 2023. The most recent version of the list (click to view) was published in July 2018. This was an update to the 2011 version of the list (click to view)

Current List

The below official and provisional lists are based on the 2018 update but are maintained to keep up with additions to the state list and taxonomic changes. As of December, 2021, the Official Tally of the Birds of Pennsylvania recognized by PORC is 440 species. Each species is listed with its status (regular, casual, accidental, extirpated, etc.) and one of the following numerical abundance codes assigned to each species, as of spring 2018:

Nomenclature: The taxonomic treatment and species sequence follows the 17th supplement of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologist’s Union (AOU) 1998), and represents the order of the 58th supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s Check-list of North American Birds (2017).

FormattingBold and underlined species are on the State Review List.

Official List (Class I Records)

Records accepted on the basis of a photograph, video, audio, or identifiable specimen.

Provisional List

Records accepted by the committee as a Class II or Class III (sight record with written description)