Committee Members

Current Members and Terms
Voting members are elected to three-year terms beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of the listed year. Recently, PORC’s bylaws were revised such that a member can only be elected to two consecutive terms, and after that, is prohibited from serving for three years, the length of one term

.Julia Plummer, Voting Member 2021-2023; Committee Chair (2023)
Centre County
Emily Ritter, 2023, non-voting SecretaryLancaster County (current residence in Washington)
Scott Stoleson, 2021-2023
Warren County
Amy Davis, 2022-2024Philadelphia/Chester Counties (current residence in New Jersey)
Annie Lindsay, 2022-2024Westmoreland County 
Corey Husic, 2022-2024Monroe/Pike Counties (current residence in California)
Carl Engstrom, 2023-2025Centre County
Nick Liadis, 2023-2025Allegheny CountyPast members