Current Bylaws

2024 Bylaws

PORC Bylaws were revised in 2024 to reflect changes in how the committee defines the status definitions, under classification of records, for PA birds. This was done to clarify the process the committee uses to create the Official Pennsylvania Birds List. We also clarified language around what it means to have a photo deposited with the committee, given the potential for eBird records to be submitted and included as evidence for PA Bird records.

Previous Bylaws

PORC Bylaws Revised 07/2022

Note: The section for meetings was revised to include “Elections” specified to occur during each December of the calendar year. Elections will be held annually for PORC Chair and Secretary and as needed for replacement of PORC voting members. This was done to streamline terms which begin in January of the calendar year.

2021 Bylaws Revision

PORC Bylaws Revised 03/2021

The Bylaws were revised in 2021 to modify the description of three classifications. Class I-S was broadened to include newly collected specimens, with the caveat that the specimen must be deposited in a permanent collection. Class II and Class II were broadened to include sight and sound records, whereas these classes previously only included sight records.

PORC also changed its policy on reviewing records submitted by parties who did not observe the bird (“third parties”). While PORC previously reviewed any record submitted by third parties, the Committee will now only review third party-submitted records if they are associated with media or a specimen.

Minor organizational, clarity, and formatting edits were also made.

2020 Bylaws Revision

PORC Bylaws Revised 12/2020

The Bylaws were revised in 2020 to make minor revisions to the timing of committee activities such as meetings and member elections.

2019 Bylaws Revision

PORC Bylaws Revised 2019

In 2019, a special committee within PORC was tasked with revising the existing bylaws of the committee.

Ian Gardner (Secretary), Billy Weber (Voting Member), and Holly Merker (Chair, Voting Member) worked to make revisions and bring the committee up to date with the current era of birding and digital technology.

One revision made removed the position of PORC Treasurer, a position that has been defunct for nearly decade since our database and voting process has gone electronic. All mentions of post office, USPS mailings, envelopes, etc. were removed from the bylaws as this is no longer needed in the digital era.

Previous to this revision, there were no limits for how long a committee member could serve on the PORC. In attempts to add influence and input from new perspectives, experiences and backgrounds, our committee felt it best to establish a term limit of two consecutive terms. After which a member is eligible to be considered in nomination after a one term (3 years) break.

Additionally, inclusion of an expedited review process for integration of eBird records into the PORC voting procedure was established. Please see Article X for more information on criteria established for eligible eBird records.