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Route#: 381

Route Name: Central Lebanon

Compiler: Gerry Boltz

Directions: Start at the intersection of PA 72 and Rocherty Road.
Go east on Rocherty
Turn right on State Drive
Turn left on Pa 419
Go through Schaefferstown to Kleinfeltersville
Turn left on Millbach
Turn left on PA 419
Turn right on Krumstown Road
Turn right on Weavertown
Turn right on Elco RD
Turn Left on Royers Ave.
Turn right on Elco, quick left on Lengle
Turn right on PA 501.
Left on US 422
Right on PA 645
Left on Mountain Rd
Left on Greble RD
Left on Jonestown RD
Left on Gravel Hill RD
Left on Ridge RD to Naftzinger RD
Turn around and come back to Old Forge
Left on Old Forge to US 322
Left on US 322
Left on Louser Road
Right on PA 934
Left on Royal RD
Right on PA 241
Left on Rochert RD to starting point


Route#: 382

Route Name: South-Central Lebanon

Compiler: Art Schiavo

Directions: Start: Intersection of US 422 and Lingle Ave.
Proceed South on S. Lingle Ave.
Turn right on Palmyra Road to US 322.
Turn right on US 322 West.
Turn left on Schoolhouse Road to Kreider Road.
Turn right on Kreider Road to Lawn Road.
Turn Right on Lawn Road to PA 341 (Colebrook Road).
Turn Right on PA 341 (Colebrook Road) to PA 241 (Elizabethtown Road).
Turn left on PA 241 (Elizabethtown Road).
Continue to Intersection of PA 241 and US 322.
Turn right onto S. Butler Road Continue to Starner Road.
Make left onto Starner Road and continue back to US 322.
Make right onto US 322 East and continue to PA 419.
Make left onto PA 419 and follow to Boyd Street.
Continue straight onto Boyd Street, then turn right on Manor Road.
Follow manor Road to Rexmont Drive . Turn left on Rexmont Road.
Follow Rexmont Road to Fonderwhite Road, then turn right on Fonderwhite.
Follow Fonderwhite to Flintville Road.
Turn left on Flintville Road.
Follow Flintville Road to PA 897 (S. 5th Avenue).
Turn left onto PA 897 (S, 5th Avenue).
Follow PA 897 to Prescott Road. Turn left at Prescott Road.
At US 422 intersection, Prescott Road turns into Prescott Drive.
At Prescott Drive and Stack Drive, make left and continue on Prescott Drive.
Follow Prescott Drive to Mt. Zion Road. Turn right onto Mt. Zion Road.
Follow Mt. Zion Road to the intersection of Stracks Dam Road and Freeport Road.
Make a left onto Freeport Road.
Follow Freeport Road to Golf Road. Make a right onto Golf Road and then a quick left back onto Freeport Road.
Freeport Road will then turn into Troy Ave. after crossing PA 343.
At the Intersection of Troy Ave. and Hain Ave., turn right onto Troy Ave.
Follow Troy Ave. to Kenbrook Ave. Make left onto Kenbrook Ave. and then a quick right back onto Troy Ave.
Continue on Troy Ave, to Quarry Road. Make a left on Quarry Road.
Take Quarry Road to Grace Ave, Make a right onto Grace Ave.
Follow Grace Ave. to Old Jonestown Road and make a left onto Old Jonestown Road.
Old Jonestown Road will turn into New Bunkerhill Road and then Thompson Ave.
Continue on Thompson Ave. till the intersection of Waterworks Way. Make a right onto Waterworks Way.
Follow waterworks Way until Harrison Drive and make right onto Harrison Drive.
Cross PA 934 and Harrison Drive will turn into Palmyra - Bellegrove Road.
Bear left at Palmyra-Bellegrove Road and Steelstown Road.
Turn left onto Syner Road.
Follow Syner to Cold Spring Road. Turn right at Cold Spring Road.
Follow Cold Spring Road to US 422.
End of Route!


Route#: 383

Route Name: Lebanon North

Compiler: Barb Ritzheimer

Directions: Start at the County Line Fruit Stand on PA 443 at the Lebanon/Schuylkill County line.
Go southwest on PA 443
Turn right on Goldmine Rd
Turn left on Greenpoint School Rd
Turn right on PA 443
Turn right on Ridge Rd
Turn right on PA 443
Turn right on Neuins Ln
Turn left on Tombstone Rd
Turn left on Cold Spring Rd
Turn left on Ammo Rd
Turn right on PA 443
Turn left on Range Rd
Turn right on Quartermaster Rd
Turn right on PA 934
Turn right on Clement Ave
Continue straight on PA 443
Turn left on Hospital Rd
Turn right on Walter Reed Rd
Bear left on Letterman Rd
Turn right on Gorgas Rd
Turn left on Boundary Rd
Turn right on Memorial Lake Rd
Turn left on PA 443
Turn left on Homestead Rd
Turn right on Pleasant View Rd
Turn left on PA 443
End at Dauphin/Lebanon county line.


Route#: 381
Route Name: Central Lebanon
Compiler: Gerry Boltz

Route#: 382
Route Name: South-Central Lebanon
Compiler: Art Schiavo

Route#: 383
Route Name: Lebanon North
Compiler: Barb Ritzheimer