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Route#: 221

Route Name: Northern Dauphin

Compiler: Ramsay Koury

Directions: Begin at intersection of Shippendam and Middle Road.
Go East on Middle Road.
Turn left on Etzweiler
Turn right on Shippendam
Turn right on Deibler
Turn left on PA 25
Turn right on Grange Hall
Turn left on Hoy
Turn left on Klinger
Turn right on Matterstown
Turn left on Rife. This becomes Sam's Rd. Continue Straight.
Turn right on Klinger
Go straight across PA 25
Turn right on Phillips
Turn left on Roadcap/Phillips
Turn right on Shippendam
Turn left on PA 225.
Turn right on Phillips
Phillips becomes W. Middle after crossing Crossroads Road.
Continue on W. Middle, making right turn, not going straight on Valley
Turn left as W. Middle becomes E. Middle
Turn right on Erdman Road, going into Gratz.
Turn south onto PA 25 from Erdman Road.
Turn left on Specktown Road
Turn right on Yuts
Turn left on PA 25
Turn left on Long Rd.
Turn right on Shade
Turn left on S. Crossroads
Turn right on Matter
Bear right onto Short
Turn left on Henninger
Turn right on Raker's Mill
Turn right on PA 225
Turn left on Roller
Turn right on Wilhour
Turn left on Trail/W. Matterstown
Turn left on Rife/Sam's
Turn right on W. Matterstown
Turn left on Klinger
Turn right on PA 209
Turn right on Landis
Landis becomes Grange Hall.
Turn left on St. David.
End at PA 209


Route#: 222

Route Name: SE Dauphin

Compiler: Richard Williams

Directions: Start at Hershey Rd. (PA 39) at Swatara Creek bridge.
Right on Hersheypark Dr.
Straight on W. Governor Rd. (US 322).
Right on Bullfrog Valley Rd.
Right on Wood Rd.
Left on Middletown Rd. which becomes Vine St.
Right on E. Main St. (PA 230).
Left on S. Union St. (PA 441).
Left on Canal St. (PA 441).
Left on Geyers Church Rd.
Right on Brinser Rd.
Left on Locust Grove Rd.
Left on S. Deodate Rd and quick Right on S. Hertzler Rd.
Right on PA 230.
Left on Hoffer Rd. (just before Lancaster Co. line)
Right on N. Hertzler Rd.
Left on Mill Rd.
Right on Hill Rd.
Left on Old Hershey Rd. (go under PA 283)
Right on Valley Rd. (cross PA 743)
Right on Mapledale Rd.
Left on Bellaire Rd. (cross I 76 PA Turnpike).
Left on Colebrook Rd. (PA 341). (cross PA 743 and cross the PA Turnpike)
Right on Schoolhouse Rd.
Right on Roundtop Rd.
Left on Old Hershey Rd.
Right on Elizabethtown Rd. (PA 743)
Left on Ridge Rd.
Straight on School House Rd.
Left on Bachmanville Rd.
Right on Meadow Lane (through the MSH School campus).
Cross US 322 staying on Meadow Lane.
Right on Para Ave.
Right on E. Chocolate Ave. (US 422).
Left on Mansion Rd.
Left on E. Derry Rd.
Right on Park Ave. (PA 743)
Cross Hersheypark Dr. stay straight on Sandbeach Rd.
Right on Kieffer Rd.
Left on Swatara Rd. (this goes through the Hershey IBA #45).
Straight on Boathouse Rd. crossing Sand Beach Rd.
Right on Hershey Rd. (PA 39)
Completing the Winter Raptor Survey Route


Route#: 223

Route Name: South Centrel Dauphin

Compiler: Bernie & Suzie Crist

Directions: Start: Pleasant Hills (Lower Paxton Twp. 17112)
Lockwillow Ave, north to Colonial Club Dr
Go north on Linglestown Rd
Turn right on Piketown Rd
Turn Turn left on Moyer Rd - Ridge Rd.
Turn right on PA 743
Turn right on Canal Rd
Turn right on Sandbeach Rd
Go west on Union Deposit Rd
Turn left on Nyes Rd
Go across Derry St
Turn left on Pleasant View Dr
Turn left over Swatara Bridge towards Hummelstown
Turn right on Fiddlers Elbow Rd
Go over Swatara Creek
Turn right on Longview Dr
Turn right on Strites Rd
Turn right on Chambers Hill Rd
Turn left (downhill) across US 322 (near Walmart - left then right across Railroad bridge (Dinini)
Turn left on Derry St
Turn right on Page Rd
Turn right on Lyters Lane
Turn left on Grove Rd
Turn left on Union Deposit Rd
Turn right on Fairmont Dr
Turn left on Devonshire Rd
Turn right on Colonial Rd
Turn right on Pleasant Hills
End at 5102 Irene Dr


Route#: 224

Route Name: Dauphin North-Central

Compiler: Sandy Lockerman

Directions: No written directions submitted


Route#: 225

Route Name: Dauphin Second Mountain

Compiler: Dave McNaughton

Directions: Start on PA 553 at the Dauphin/Lebanon county line
Go west on PA 443
Turn Right on US 322 west.
Take the PA 225 exit and go north on PA 225
Turn right on PA 325
Take PA 325 to the Dauphin/Schuylkill county line.


Route#: 221
Route Name: Northern Dauphin
Compiler: Ramsay Koury

Route#: 222
Route Name:SE Dauphin
Compiler: Richard Williams

Route#: 223
Route Name:South Centrel Dauphin
Compiler: Bernie & Suzie Crist

Route#: 224
Route Name:Dauphin North-Central
Compiler: Sandy Lockerman

Route#: 225
Route Name:Dauphin Second Mountain
Compiler: Dave McNaughton