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Route#: 021

Route Name: West Allegheny

Compiler: Mike Fialkovich

Directions: Begin at Fort Pitt Tunnel on PA 51 in Pittsburgh.

Continue on PA 51 to the McKees Rocks Boat Dock.

Continue on PA 51 through McKees Rocks and turn right onto Neville Island.

Return to PA 51 in Coraopolis and continue on PA 51 to Flaugherty Run Road.

Turn right onto Flaugherty Run Road and in about two miles turn right into Dashields Dam.

Drive to the parking area near the dam.

Return to Flaugherty Run Road, turn left and take it to Clinton. (Note when nearing the airport, the road gets a little confusing.)

Follow the sign to Clinton after crossing Business PA 60.

The road to Clinton (Flaugherty Run Road) is permanently closed from Business PA 60 to Express PA 60.

At Express PA 60, take the entry ramp to the right (there is a small sign here for Clinton (2 miles) and get on PA 60 South back towards the airport.

Take the first exit and at the end of the ramp, turn right back onto Flaugherty Run Road and follow it to US 30 in Clinton.

At US 30 in Clinton, turn left.

Turn right onto Burgettstown Road and follow it past (now closed) Point Park Road.

Turn left on Potato Garden Run Road and continue to the Truck Stop

Continue into Washington County

Turn right onto Ridge Road and re-enter Allegheny at the Toy Airport to check the fields.

Backtrack to Potato Garden Run Road and turn right onto Boggs road passing the Imperial
Land Fill and the Montour Bike Trail back to US 30 in Imperial.

Turn right onto US 30 and take it to the PA 22/US 30 Interchange.

Take PA 22/US 30 East back to the Fort Pitt Tunnel and the end of the route.



Route#: 021
Route Name: West Allegheny
Compiler: Mike Fialkovich