Shared eBird locations

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THESE CHECKLISTS! Instead, after you accept them, delete them under “My Shared Observations“. The locations will still be available in your pulldown menu of personal locations and as a blue personal location on the map. Simply create a new checklist with the location or change the location for your existing checklist. (Note: You don’t have to worry about deleting the shared checklist. It’s your copy.) Using recommended shared locations will keep our map uncluttered and easier to search. Thanks for using eBird!







  1. Find a cool new site in the physical world. See birds there.
  2. Create your eBird checklist at the new site. Carefully choose a good name. We suggest something like ‘Calliope Hummingbird–3200 Greenridge Dr.’
  3. After you’ve submitted your data, create a new eBird report at that same site.
  4. Mark the new report for that date and set the protocol as “Incidental”. Add no species to the list. All species reported? No.
  5. Add this block of text to the report comments: “This checklist is shared to provide a shared location. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS CHECKLIST! Instead, after you accept it, immediately delete this checklist under “My eBird > My Shared Observations”. The new location will still be added to your personal locations, which means you can select it from your list and see the location as a blue marker on the maps now.”
  6. Share this essentially blank report with yourself. That is, click to share the report, and then enter your own e-mail address.
  7. Check your e-mail and see the shared report. Copy the URL (the link) that you would click to accept the report and send that link to others, even on PABirds listserv.


  1. Simply click the URL that the person provided.
  2. Delete the checklist immediately. You still get the new location. (You can see it on the map as a blue marker and it shows up in your list of locations.)

Thanks to Bill Hubick for the inspiration for this shared location page.