York County Records

413-01-2016 White-winged Dove York

Species: White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)

Number of Individuals observed: 1

Date of Sighting: 2/13/2016

County :   York

Location :  185 Tuscarora Drive, York Township

GPS Coordinates:

Observer(s): Ann Pettigrew

Date of Submission:   2/19/2016, 3/29/2016

Submitted by: Ann Pettigrew (2)

Written Description:    Yes            Photo:   Yes             Specimen:    no   Recording: no

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268-01-2015 Black-necked Stilt York

Species:  Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus)

Number of Individuals:   1

Date of Sighting:   03-26-2015

County :    York

Location :    Lake Redman – Boardwalk Area

GPS Coordinates:    N 39.8817, W -76.6888

Observer(s):   Chuck Kling, Mick Musser, Mike Yerger, Dick Cleary, Robin Smith, Ann Muren

Date of Submission:   03-28-2015

Submitted by:  Chuck Kling


Written Description:    Yes      Photo:  Yes     Specimen:          No              Recording:    No



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168-01-2012 Swallow-tailed Kite

The committee felt the written description was strong enough to support acceptance of this unmistakeable species.

Species: Swallow-tailed Kite Elanoides forficatus
Date of Sighting: 3 May 2012 to 3 May 2012
County : YORK Location : HELLAM TOWNSHIP
Observer(s): Jean Prescott, John Prescott
Date of Submission: 2012
Submitted by: Jean Prescott
Written Description: Yes Photo: No Specimen: No Recording: No

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