Greencastle Reservoir Records

321-01-2015 Ruff Franklin

Species:  Ruff (Philomachus pugnax)

Number of Individuals:   1

Date of Sighting:   9/26/2015

County :    Franklin

Location :    Greencastle Reservoir

GPS Coordinates:  39.792504, -77.688986

Observer(s):   Mark Vaas, Ian Gardner, Geoff Malosh, Michael David, Dale Gearhart, Vern Gauthier

Date of Submission:   9/27/2015, 12/29/2015

Submitted by:  Mark Vaas, Ian Gardner, Michael David, Shannon Thompson, Geoff Malosh


Written Description:    Yes      Photo:     Yes    Specimen:         No              Recording:    No

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Posted in Accepted, Class I - Photograph, Completed