Clearfield County Records

649-01-2020 Mountain Bluebird Clearfield

Species: Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides)

Number of individuals observed: 2

Date of sighting: 2020/11/20

County: Clearfield

Location: Karthaus, PA

GPS coordinates: 41.13328189999999, -78.0927885

Observers: John Forcey

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331-04-2020 Red Phalarope Clearfield

Species: Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

Number of individuals observed: 1

Date of sighting: 2020/11/02 – 2020/11/06

County: Clearfield

Location: DuBois Reservoir

GPS coordinates: 41.1041263, -78.6395359

Observers: Tim Schreckengost, Joe Verica, John Forcey, Carol Light, Matthew Schenck; additional observers on eBird checklists

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201-01-2020 Prairie Falcon Clearfield

Species: Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus)

Number of Individuals observed:  1

Date of Sighting:  5/16/2020

County :   Clearfield

Location :  North of Tipple Road, Karthaus Township

GPS Coordinates:  41.130169, -78.105995

Observer(s):  John Forcey

Date of Submission:  6/1/2020

Submitted by:  John Forcey

Written Description:             Yes     Photo:            No       Specimen:     no   Recording: no

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820-01-2007 Lark Sparrow

Lark Sparrow — near Houtzdale, Clearfield County; December 2-10, 2007. Photos by Steve Belin. This photo was taken on December 2nd. Note the distinctive head pattern and dark spot on the breast.

This photo was taken on December 10th. More photos of this bird can be found on Steve & Mary Ann Belin’s ‘Flickr’ site.

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