333-06-2012 Records

333-06-2012 Parasitic Jaeger

Species: Parasitic Jaeger Stercorarius parasiticus
Number of Individuals observed: 1
Date of Sighting: 10-30-2012
County : Dauphin
Location : West Fairview boat launch
GPS Coordinates: 40.272519, -76.914525
Observer(s): Alex Lamoreaux, Anna Fasoli, Ian Gardner, Josh Lefever, Melissa Roach, Michael David, Steve Brenner, ramsay koury, Jason Horn, Andy Markel, Alex Lamoreaux, Ian Gardner, Peter Robinson, Joan Renninger, Annette Mathes, Dick Colyer, Jarrod Derr, Dave McNaughton, Andy McGann and many others.
Date of Submission: 2-26-2013
Submitted by: Alex Lamoreaux
Written Description: yes Photo: no Specimen: no Recording: no

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Posted in Class IV-B, Completed, Not Accepted