Author: Drew Weber

738-01-2012 Townsend’s Warbler

This Townsend’s Warbler was seen by many birders after being reported by Dr. Green when he saw it at his feeders. This is the 4th record for Pennsylvania and the first for Cumberland County.

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646-01-2011 Northern Wheatear

This female Northern Wheatear was visited by many people as it stayed around the Days Inn in Lickdale. This is the first record for Lebanon County and the 4th accepted record for Pennsylvania.

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075-01-2011 Magificent Frigatebird

One in flight over Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery 28 August 2011 following the passage of Hurricane Irene. (Chris Dooley (p); 075-01-2011; Class III). This report was originally submitted as a Magnificent Frigatebird. That identification was not accepted 1/6 but accepted as

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364-01-2004 Royal Tern

Royal Tern — Peace Valley Park, Bucks County on September 29, 2004. Photo by Thomas Ford-Hutchinson. This photo shows the orange bill, the white forehead, and the black line leading from the eye to the ‘crest’ at the back of

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093-05-2011 White Ibis

This White Ibis was found along the Susquehanna River at West Fairview, Cumberland/Dauphin, and was seen by many birders from 11-28 August 2011. Another of a large influx of immature White Ibis in the state in 2011.

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093-03-2011 White Ibis

One immature White Ibis was at Core Creek Park, Bucks, on 3 August 2011 and photographed by Bill Keim.

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093-02-2011 White Ibis

White Ibis at Green Pond, Northampton 24-25 July 2011. The immature at Green Pond was photographed next to an out-of-range Sandhill Crane which provided a unique comparison of these two species.

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093-01-2011 White Ibis

An immature at John Heinz NWR at Tinicum, Philadelphia 14-18 July 2011. It was a banner year for this species with a record number of reports.

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557-01-2011 Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird — near Wellsboro, Tioga County; June 5, 2011. Photos by Benjamin Israel. This bird was found by Benjamin Israel. Note the light throat and breast, the lemon-yellow belly, the pale gray head, and the white edging on the

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168-01-2011 Swallow-tailed Kite

Photographed over Newburg, Cumberland, 30 April 2011 by Andrew Markel. With the exception of 2010, this species has been recorded annually.

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