Species:  European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Number of Individuals:   1

Date of Sighting:   02/21/2015 – 02/22/2015

County :    Bucks

Location :    26 S. Homestead Drive, Yardley, PA

GPS Coordinates:

Observer(s):   Pam Newitt, John Newitt, Mark Gallagher, Chis Dewaghe, Gerry Dewaghe, Sue Eveland, Mark Eveland, August Mirabella, Judy Mirabella, Kelly Joslin, Jean Barrell, Devich Farbotnik

Date of Submission:   03/22/2015, 06/21/2015

Submitted by:  Pam Newitt, August Mirabella


Written Description:    Yes      Photo:  Yes     Specimen:         No              Recording:    No