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The following is a list of the current committees of the PSO. We encourage members to participate in these working groups. If you have an interest in serving on one, feel free to contact the committee chair listed below.

Annual Meeting

Chair:  Vern Gauthier

Members: Annette Mathes, Ted Nichols II, Chad Kauffman, Evan Mann

This committee will plan and arrange details for the yearly gathering of the Society.


Awards and Nominations

Chair:  Deb Grove

Members:  Sandy Lockerman, Evan Mann, John Fedak, Doug Gross, Greg Grove, Jane Earle, Emily Thomas

This committee manages the Certificate of Appreciation program, the Conservation and Poole Awards selection process, and the Student Research Grant program.  They will assist the Board in identifying potential board members for nomination at annual business meetings.

1) Student Research Grants ($500) will be awarded to undergraduates or graduate students in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate. They will submit proposals describing their research that will be evaluated for their scientific merit and the likelihood that the work will make a meaningful contribution to our understanding of Pennsylvania avifauna. The application is available on the PSO website.

2) The committee will request nominations for the PSO Conservation award and the Earl Poole award that can be presented annually. The Conservation Award is presented to an individual or organization that has had a positive impact on bird conservation in Pennsylvania. The Earl Poole award is presented to a person or persons who have made significant contributions to Pennsylvania's ornithology.  Members will read nominating letters, discuss the merits of the nominee and vote to determine the recipient that will receive the award at the annual meeting.

3) As a token of PSO appreciation for  their hospitality a Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to homeowners who host birders to view rare birds.


Citizen Science Committee

Chairs:  Vern Gauthier, Doug Gross

Members:  Greg Grove, Eli DePaulis, David Yeany

This committee will provide opportunities for individuals and groups to collect avian field data in conjunction with ongoing inventorying, monitoring, and research. This will be accomplished in partnership with government agencies, educational institutions, conservation organizations, and other entities involved with the collection of of such data.

One resource PSO has in abundance is experienced birders who are able to accurately perform such data collecting tasks by doing the following:

  1. Serving as a point of contact and liaison with the aforementioned organizations in providing opportunities to birders in Pennsylvania (PSO members and non members alike) to perform data collection tasks in coordination with our partners.
  2. Coordinating with our partners any training that may be required for a particular data collection task.
  3. Organizing and coordinated local, regional, and statewide efforts to add data to eBird especially in areas of Pennsylvania that are under reported or in gathering information on species of special conservation interest.
  4. Canvas the various Audubon chapters and bird clubs in the state to see what projects that they do that would make sense to make more widespread in the state, or to help provide people to accomplish it in a given locality. (Doug pointed out that some local groups have good ideas but lack the number of birders they need to do it)
  5. Be the point of contact and liaison with other agencies if and when it is decided to hold another breeding bird atlas or like intensive state wide bird related data gathering project.



Chair: Laura Jackson

Members: Eli DePaulis, Brian Byrnes, Annette Mathes, Holly Merker, David Yeany

This committee is responsible for keeping the Society informed of conservation matters that pertain to birds, bird watching, and to undertake other conservation-related projects. With approval of Board of Directors, the committee will submit public comments on conservation matters.

  1. Promote avian conservation projects across the Commonwealth and surrounding states
  2. Raise awareness of conservation causes that impact Pennsylvania's avifauna
  3. Identify conservation issues appropriate for PSO involvement
  4. Identify and then communicate conservation issues resulting from data trends
  5. Write conservation articles for PSO newsletter
  6. Collaborate with other bird organizations such as Audubon, Delaware Ornithological Society, Maryland Ornithological Society, etc.



Chair: Holly Merker

Members: Eli DePaulis, Carole Winslow, Evan Mann, Emily Thomas, Vern Gauthier

This committee will promote education in birding, the cultivation of the next generation of birders, and award youth scholarships to the Annual Meeting and and manage the Youth Camp scholarship program.


Events and Field Trips

Chairs:  Chad Kauffman, Evan Mann


This committee will plan, organize and conduct field trips and other group events.  They will organize the field trips at the yearly meeting in conjunction with bird clubs local to the meeting site.



Chair: Greg Grove, Editor

Members:  Nick Bolgiano, Mike Fialkovich, Dan Brauning, Geoff Malosh, Holly Merker, Rudy Keller, Deb Grove, Rob Dickerson, Frank Haas

This committee is responsible for the publication of four seasonal issues of Pennsylvania Birds with an emphasis on bird distribution and ornithological analysis and research within the Commonwealth.


Membership and Outreach

Chair:  Evan Mann

Members:  Chad Kauffman, Carole Winslow

This committee is responsible for promoting the Society, managing the Society’s social media activities, recruiting new members and welcoming them into the Society.


Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee

Chair:  Holly Merker

Members: Billy Weber, Mike Fialkovich, Greg Grove, Devich Farbotnik, George Armistead, Dave DeReamus, Ian Gardner (non-voting Secretary)

The Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee is recognized as a special committee within the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology and operates with its own bylaws which are approved by the PSO Board of Directors. The goal of PORC is to maintain the Official List of the Birds of Pennsylvania, as well as keeping records of rare birds that occur within the state. This is done in a juried manner, with voting members.  New members of this committee are selected by its current members.