Quemahoning Reservoir ()
DESCRIPTION: The Quemahoning Reservoir is owned by the Cambria-Somerset Authority (CSA) and is open to the public. The large reservoir is best known for its migrant waterfowl, but has many interesting nesting species also. Located northeast of the US 219/US 30 interchange, the reservoir has a road on the south and west sides which offers many vantage points. March/April and October through December offer the best waterfowl variety with both loons, three possible grebes, most duck species including many divers and the occasional scoter.

June trips with frequent stops near the many brushy overgrown fields should turn up Golden-winged Warbler (with Blue-winged and hybrids possible), Yellow-breasted Chat, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Indigo Bunting. Extensive stands of planted pine have the locally uncommon Pine Warbler as well as Black-throated Green Warbler, Brown Creeper, and possible Red-breasted Nuthatch and Golden-crowned Kinglet.

DIRECTIONS: From the Intersection of US 30 and US 219, go east on US 30 1.74 miles and turn left (north) on Slagle Hill Road. Go 1.8 miles and turn left (north) onto Green Bridge Road. Follow this road for 1.7 miles (checking the reservoir on the right) and continue straight on Quemahoning Street. Check the coves from Green Bridge Road and the south shores. The northern end can be scanned from Quemahoning Dam Road or the CSA Recreation Area just north of Pheasant Road.


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Posted: 2009-10-24 00:00:00