Join/Renew Membership

Membership Types

  • Individual - Receives Pennsylvania Birds, Newsletter, preference for Field Trips
  • Family - Same as Individual, but for all members of one family
  • Sustaining - Same as family, but with extra support for the PSO
  • Student - receives access to the digital version of Pennsylvania Birds and the Newsletter (no printed copies)
You can join or renew your PSO membership in one of two ways.

1. Pay online using a credit card.

New Membership

(If you were a PSO member at anytime, please use the Renew option, as your data is already in the database.)

Renew Membership

Enter your name and address, etc., then you will be redirected to PayPal for your credit card info
(no credit card info is saved on the PSO web site!).

2. Send a check

Print a membership form, fill it out by hand, and mail a check
(For both new and renewal)

Fill out the form online, print it, and then mail it with your check.
(You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and fill out the form. Most computers already have it installed,
but if you don't, click here to get it - it's free)


In both cases you will have the opportunity to purchase additional PSO stuff!

PSO is a non-profit organization and membership fees are qualified for tax deduction.

Memberships and subscriptions run from May to April of the following year. Persons who joinin the middle of the membership year are sent the back issues for that year with their first scheduled issue of the magazine.