Board Members


Awards - Chair: Vernon Gauthier -

  • Manage the Certificate of Appreciate program
  • Manage the Conservation and Poole Award programs
  • Prepare appropriate honor to members deserving recognition in PA Ornithology or for outstanding service within PSO
Nominating committee - Chair: Mike Lanzone
  • Set goals for adequate talent and diversity for the slate of Directors
  • Recruit new Directors
  • Select and recruit officer candidates and all Committee Chair and Vice Chair positions
  • Recruit committee members

Publicity/ Outreach - Chair: Mike Fialkovich

  • Promote PSO and assign responsibilities to carry it out
  • Promotion of meetings, counts and other PSO sponsored events
  • Coordinate with Membership and Web/Social Committees
  • Liaison for bird and ornithological organizations
  • Help manage website content and traffic generation
  • Manage the Face Book Page
  • Manage relationships/links with other websites (PA Ebird, Bird Clubs, etc…)
  • Recruit new members, retain existing members, and promote PSO membership benefits

Finance - Chair: Frank Haas,

  • Develop and implement strategies to welcome new members
  • Solicit comments and recommendations from membership
  • Keep track on member data and provide monthly reports to the Board
  • Develop annual PSO budget for board approval
  • Report actual to budget financials reports
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding financial issues and fundraising efforts

Annual Meeting - Chair: Shonah Hunter,

  • Select meeting sites
  • Plan and setup annual meetings
  • Subcommittees - Vendors, Banquet speaker and afternoon presentations (possibly combine with Research Committee), Registration, Silent Auction, PSO Sales, Field Trips

Newsletter - Chair: Margaret Higbee,

  • Obtain monthly summary report from each committee
    Solicit the Directors and Committees for inclusion of all activities and relevant information
  • Solicit articles from Directors and membership showcasing PA ornithology

Journal - Chair: Greg Grove -

  • Solicit articles from Directors and membership showcasing PA ornithology
  • Coordinate with Research and Conservation Committees for peer reviewed research articles

Research and Conservation - Chair: Scott Stoleson,

  • Identify conservation issues affecting PA appropriate for PSO involvement
  • Identify and then communicate conservation issues resulting from data trends
  • Actively communicate with PGC and PABS-OTC (nominations, concerns etc)
  • Write white papers/positions on issues in PA
  • Write conservation articles for newsletter
  • Solicit student speakers for PSO annual meeting to highlight current bird research in state, and to provide a forum for ornithologists just beginning their career
  • Facilitate large-scale volunteer efforts for bird monitoring and research
  • Provide small grants to student researchers
  • Outreach to universities to solicit student members
  • Review research/scientific papers submitted for publication
  • Subcommittee- Education

Records and Data - Chair: Mike Fialkovich,

  • Publish Pennsylvania Birds
  • Assure that records are tabulated and archived
  • Create and discuss new and innovative ideas on data collection, storage, review, and accessibility.
  • Subcommittees- PA EBird, PORC, Monitoring Data (WRS, PAMC, Others)

Functions (Field Trip) Committee - Chair: Chad Kauffman

  • Coordinate field trips for the annual meeting
  • Manage other PSO sponsored outings shorebird outings, warbler outings, grassland outings, out of state trips (pelagic and winter boreal birds for example)
  • Assist with PSO sponsored educational programs

Education and Conservation Committee - Holly Merker -

  • Promote avian conservation projects across the Commonwealth
  • To raise awareness of conservation causes that impact Pennsylvania's avifauna
  • Promote education in birding, and birding resources around Pennsylvania


Newsletter Editor
Margaret Higbee


Pennsylvania Birds Editor
Greg Grove


PSO Membership &
Pennsylvania Birds Subscription Manager
Franklin Haas